Talk at OWASP LA - Santa Monica


I really enjoyed attending and presenting at the monthly OWASP LA meetup. Richard Greenberg (@RAGreenberg and Edmond Momartin are doing a great job organizing the OWASP events in LA.

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This event was very professionally organized. The event was hosted by “Cornerstone On Demand”.


There were two other people also presenting at the meetup: Ira Winkler (@irawinkler and Tracy Celaya (@_tracycelaya). I enjoyed meeting Ira Winkler again, even though we didn’t have much time to chat. I hadn’t seen him since we were both presenting at Hacker Halted Europe back in 2013. Time flies by so fast …

The offices of Cornerstone are located in a beautiful location in Santa Monica. They have a very modern environment, with an awesome game room. It looks like a really nice place to work at. As far as I know they are still looking for more security engineers, so if you live in the area (or are interested in living in the area), I recommend reaching out to them :-)

As usual I hardly took any pictures at the event myself (a part from a couple I took near the end). The photos I’m including in this blog post are those from the meetup event itself.

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While traveling in California I did find time to enjoy some of what’s available. Hanging out by the beach, going to various restaurants, attending some shows. Most notably I enjoyed going to the The Mecca of Bodybuilding” - Gold’s gym, where I was able to train with the legendary Charles Glass (@thecharlesglass) for a couple of days. Here are a few photos from my trip.


cali-goldsgym cali1 cali2 cali3 cali4

Written by Svavar Ingi Hermannsson (XxSiHxX) on March 28, 2018